Our Strategic Goal
Our goal is to be a leader in our design, engineering and production fields, with our experience in our crane, hoist systems and engineering services.
Our Vision
ERKUŞLAR A.Ş. As a global company in Turkey and around the world, we have continued our production in crane and lifting equipment with human, environment and quality oriented products since 1957, and have maintained our quality as a respected, reliable and distinctive brand in our sector for many years to come. is to add value to our value.
Our Mission
Since the 70s, when we started production, with our work in accordance with world standards, we provide our customers with the most suitable solution, the most suitable product, and the most affordable price for all the products we sell, from project to production, from production to sales and from sales to after-sales service, and to add value to the brand we have created. We will continue to be a fast, high-quality, friendly and solution-oriented company by closely following the sectoral needs of all our corporate and individual customers we serve, by keeping human, environmental and occupational safety at the forefront, by protecting and increasing it to higher levels.
Our strategy
As ERKUSLAR, we aim to solve lifting and transportation problems with the most appropriate solutions to the crane and lifting equipment demands of both Turkey and the world in our developing industry, and prioritize customer satisfaction with our innovative approach and suitable products.