Crane, Hoist and Overhead Cranes Service and Reporting Services

As Erkuşlar, we can respond to your emergency service requests 24/7 in order to intervene in malfunctions and repair problems both in our own brand and in different brands.

Adapting the lifting equipment before or after the inspection reports given or to be given by the MMO chamber in cranes, hoists and overhead cranes, preparing reports by monitoring the cranes and lifting equipment by ERKUŞLAR and providing service in accordance with the reports, intervening in the faulty machine. constitute our service subjects.

In addition to the reports made by MMO;


Review of security risks
Identifying problems that may pose risks
Extending the life of the product
Pre-intervention thanks to planned controls
Informing the user
Providing information about the machine by presenting reports to the user gives the chance for both the user and the teams carrying out service and maintenance work to be prepared in advance. In this way, companies will be able to take precautions in advance and obtain information about what type of products may be required for both reporting and repair and maintenance services.

Professional Services:
In cases where urgent intervention is required regarding Service, Repair and Maintenance, our service team will solve the problem temporarily or permanently at your location. Repair and service of cranes and overhead cranes should only be carried out by authorized persons.

Turnkey Solutions
Whether it is ERKUŞLAR branded or not, our team will deliver the crane in operational condition as soon as possible. In cases where spare parts are required, if the crane is ours, the crane will be delivered in use, if not immediately, within the spare part supply period. However, to prevent the problem from occurring again, both the user and the company are informed in writing and verbally. In this context, the crane is modernized, updated, maintained and operated smoothly for a long time.

For emergency service and repair services of overhead cranes and cranes, you can contact our service team at 0530 580 4213 or at

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    Crane Service and Reporting Services