Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance agreements cover general periodic maintenance and services of cranes for a period of 1 year.
The annual maintenance and repair service period is 12 months as of the day the maintenance agreement is signed. During this period, all cranes are taken into maintenance every 3 months, the same process is repeated 4 times a year and the validity period of each service is 3 (three) months.

A mechanic and an electrician must be present during these maintenance and checks.

Regarding the cranes for which the maintenance agreement has been made, ERKUŞLAR must be provided with a detection report and inspection report for the cranes by the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers or an accredited authorized institution. In accordance with the necessary regulations of the Occupational and Worker Safety Law, the necessary reports regarding the lifting machines used by the enterprise will be provided by the Contractor for a fee.

Regarding crane maintenance;

  1. During crane maintenance, maintenance area safety precautions must be taken by the company performing the maintenance.
  2. Money is exchanged after receiving approval from the authorized person regarding the spare parts to be replaced.
  3. Apart from periodic maintenance, in case of malfunctions and emergencies, the company requests service from the employer in writing. These types of malfunctions are resolved within 24-48 hours.
  4. For periodic maintenance, the contractor submits a periodic maintenance-technician report form for the cranes each time.
  5. A service form is given by the contractor at the end of each periodic maintenance and service.
  6. Machines that are not approved by our technical team or Mechanical Engineers or that need to be dismantled should be sent to our workshop.
  7. During maintenance and service, the crane operator/responsible person in the company must be present with the maintenance personnel.

  • Service Type

    Maintenance and Contracted Services